Mughal Architecture

Serai Nurmahal, Nurmahal

Serai NurmahalSerai Nurmahal or Mughal Serai is an inn of historical importance located at Nurmahal, near Jalandhar. History

The serai was constructed on the orders of Noor Jahan, wife of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir under the supervision of Zakariya Khan in 1618AD, then Governor of the Doab. Nurmahal got its name from Noor Jahan, who is said to have been brought up here.

Protected monument

The sarai is remarkable specimen of oriental architecture. Nurmahal Sarai is perhaps the only known monument in Jalandhar. This historical monument is now looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India. It is also heard that the serai Noor Mahal was actually built by the Maratha brothers who decided not to go back to pune after the defeat of Marathas in 1745 AD by Ahmed shah Abdali. Also some descendant from the same family moved to Vill Kahnuwan in Dt Gurdaspur, Punjab.

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