Mughal Architecture

800 years old Payal Fort

800 years old Payal Fort800 years old Payal Fort has been built by Maharaja Amar Singh of Patiala RIYASAT located in Payal Disrict LUDHIANA PUNJAB with the co-operation of MUGHALS in 1771. After that Maharani Sahib Kaur won the fort from The Mughal Hakumats. This fort is present here today also.

Sarai of this fort Sarai Lashkari Khan is present near about this fort in Sri Manji Sahib Kottan, which is known as RDB(Rang de basanti) fort .At present This historical PAYAL FORT has been handed over to the Archeological Survey of India after removing illegal encroachments and Centre Govt of INDIA. The interior of the fort is fast crumbling and hues type of Minakari and lots of attractive things present in it.

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