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There are number of NRIs /NRI NGOs who are keen to contribute to the Development of their native areas for improving the living conditions. With a view to provide an enabling and facilitating platform for such contribution to the development of their villages and rural/urban areas by the NRIs, Government of Punjab has created various opportunities!

NRI Government of Punjab Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (PLAN SCHEME NRI -1)

Government of Punjab in the Department of NRIs Affairs has floated a Plan Scheme NRI -1 which allows 50%(maximum 1 crore) matching grants by the Government of Punjab and 50% by the NRI/NGO for all rural/urban Development programs which are initiated by NRI/NGOs.

Schemes for Rural Development

For Giving an opportunity to NRI's to help their native villages by creating infrastructure department rural development and Panchayat's has policy known as NRI's contribution policy.

Schemes for Health Sector Development

Government of Punjab, Department of health warmly welcomes all Non-Resident Indian to their roots in Punjab by contributing in the health sector.

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Very often, our NRI friends ask us, 'how can we contribute to tile healthcare system in our home state? How can we help the poor and needy patients in Punjab's hospitals? For those with philanthropy on their mind, we offer the following suggestions:

You could contribute to the operations of Punjab's highly appreciated Emergency Response Service network of Dial-108 ambulances.

Donate Rs 12.42 Lac towards the cost of running one ERS ambulances for one year. We will be happy to record your generous contribution on the sides of the ambulances.

You could contribute to the comprehensive strengthening and refurbishing of any of our hospitals across the state as follows:

  • District Hospital: Rs.8 crores
  • Sub- Divisional Hospital: Rs. 4 crores
  • Community Health Center: Rs. 2 crores
  • Saras in the District & Sub-Divisions: Rs 1 crore

This money will be utilized for for filling gaps in the hospital named by you. This Includes equipment, material, doctor's salaries. hiring staff, Improvements to the building and hospital, surroundings and patients services over a period of time We will record your generous contribution by placing a prominent plaque at the main entrance to the hospital and recognition at national day celebrations.

Smaller but for us, not insignificant, will be your donations toward Individual Items/ services like;

Providing patient - amenities inside hospital. (Articles like electrical fittings, water coolers, items furniture, furnishings, healers, air-conditioners). Minimum contribution: Rs. 25000.

  • Providing for the landscaping and beautification of the exterior space around the hospital: Minimum contribution : Rs. 5 lakh for one year for a district and sub-divisional hospital and Rs. 3 lakh for one year for a Community Health Centre. This will include plantation, landscaping, maintenance, gardener’s and cleaner’s salary. We will be happy to record your contribution with a sign-board in the lawn. It would be good if the contribution can be offered in terms of three years, to provide continuity.
  • Providing for the purchase, installation and maintenance of bio-medical equipment : Minimum contribution : Rs. 1 lakh. For details like equipment costs, we can discuss the matter with you on a date of your choice.
  • You may have cherished wishes like wanting to contribute towards the comfort and welfare of specific categories of patients, eg, delivering mothers, new-born babies, young children, elderly patients, cancer patients, thalassemia patients and so on. Some of our NRI brothers and sisters are very keen to make life easier for those who have suffered the death of a relative, for which they may like to equip and strengthen the mortuary services in a hospital. Again, such thoughts are welcome, but require discussion so that we can give practical shape to your wishes.
  • All contributions are welcome, along with your suggestions for the practical Improvement of healthcare services. We are open to discussing your contribution, the way in which you would like it to be acknowledged and utilized, and how we can reach out to more friends like yourself.

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