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General matters of khasra Girdawari and solutions about it in the shape of questions and answers

Some questions and their answers regarding girdawari are given below which can help the rural persons to get their problems rectified.

What is Khasra Girdawari.

Khasra Girdawari is a document, in which the patwari enters the name of owner, name of cultivator, land/khasra number, area, kind of land, cultivated and non cultivated area, source of irrigation, name of crop and its conditions, revenue and rate of revenue, minimum twice in a year.

If possession is changed then how it is mentioned in the khasra girdawari?

It can be done either If the previous owner and new cultivator agree or also if there is any court order for the same.

What is Khewat/account?

It is also called as revenue record/jamabandi number and it is ownership number.

What is sub account/.khatoni?

The sub account number is a number , given to the cultivators.

Which is Banzer Jadid Land?

Cultivated land which is not continuously cultivated for four cropings is called Banzer Jadid Land.

What is Banzer Kadim land ?

The cultivated land which is not cultivated or cropping continuously upto 8 croppings is called Banzer Kadim land.

What is Uncultivated land?

The non cultivated land such as mountains/Maruthal/sandy land/house, canal, or choe etc.etc. are called uncultivated land.

Where there is exemption in revenue for a field, how it is shown in Khasra Girdawari?

There is crossed circle with red ink around the land numbers under exemption from revenue.

Whether any Permanent survey demarcation given any number of cultivation in the girdawari?

No, it is mentioned with red ink without giving any number.

What is spoil?

When a crop spoils due to natural disaster then the same is called Spoil/loss.

How does the patwari write a Colour/Thur sem land in the khasra girdawari?

Patwari writes down with (Vacant ( word in the khasra girdawari by writing ‘Thur cause’ or Colour cause’.

If there is no change in the cultivator then how does the patwari mention it in the khasra girdawari?

If there is no change in cultivator then in the column of cultivation , during rainy giridawari, patwari marks a cross a line on the left hand side from upper corner to right hand below corner and like this in rainy girdawari, from upper right hand corner to left right hand below corner.

Under what circumstances the patwari can change the entries of khasra girdawari?

The patwari can change the entries only if both the concerned parties are agreed or if any such decision is given by any appropriate authority or court.

Whether the patwari can change the entries of girdawari on the basis of sanctioned mutations?

If through any mutation, if the change in possession is accepted then by giving the reference of this mutation, at the time of inspection of next cropping the girdawari can be changed.

Whether the ownership of land under ownership of Punjab Government can be changed?

As per the instructions issued from Revenue and Rehabilitation department, Punjab dated 2.,6.2004 , the land under ownership of Punjab govt. can not be transferred from one private person to another private person till the Punjab Govt. through authorized documents or authorized person does not say to do the same.

Whether the patwari can give the report regarding land of cultivation under dispute ?

As per the instructions of Punjab Government, Revenue department dated 7.7.2004, The patwari can not give such report of disputed cultivated land but the party having objection about the entry of khasra girdawari can file a appeal in the court of the concerned revenue officer.

Can the patwari make corrections in the book entries of the khasra girdawari?

If the patwari has to make corrections in the book entries of khasra girdawari then first of all he will enter the report in the register and then will make corrections with red ink in the register and then get the same scrutinize from the area kanoongo.

The year, when a revenue record is to be prepared, what should be take in mind by claimants regarding girdawari?

As there is entry of last cropping of rainy in the record hence the owners must get satisfaction about the entries of rainy cropping and the patwari must prepare the girdawari carefully by presenting on the spot.

How is the possession of uncultivated given and how is it entered in the girdawari?

As per the orders of court, the possession of the uncultivated land is given to the degree holder by verifying the fact that entire area aroundand the description of khasra girdawari is made in the khasra girdawari regarding ownership and revenue.

What procedure is followed while giving possession as per court orders?

The degree holder, By getting Ajra from the court, gets warrants issued for the same .The higher revenue officers, the area kanoongo after receiving the same visit the spot within prescribed date for giving possession. The concerned area kanoongo also sends the information of date of possession to the claimants and on that prescribed date, if the land is vacant, ploughing is done on the spot and if land is uncultivated then the possession is given by looking the all arounds.

While giving possession, except of the chowkidar and degree holder party there must be two prominent persons such as numberdar, sarpanch or any other officers must be on the spot and then the kanoongo completes the proceedings of giving the possession /implementation the proceedings as per warrants in the presence of the prominent person and write the name of that land and gets the signatures or thumb of Present persons.

The area patwari enters the proceedings of giving possession in the register as it is and after possession , the chowkidar announces in the village and warrants after implementation are sent to the concerned court through the higher revenue officers.

If there is crop on the spot then what should be do more while proceedings of possession?

In this regard, the area kanoongo implements the order of court.If the court has not clearly given any order then get the information about it from the court. Either the court sends orders to take possession after cutting of cropping or to settle the compensation of cropping and asks the degree holder to deposit the same in the court and orders for possession with cropping.

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