Festival Calendar

Festival Calendar


  • Lohri


    Lohri is essentially a festival dedicated to fire and to the Sun God. It is the time when the sun moves towards the north. The new configuration lessens the ferocity of winter and brings warmth to the earth. It is to ward off the bitter chill of the month of January that people light bonfires, dance around them in a mood of bonhomie and celebrate Lohri.
    Venue: All over Punjab
    Organiser: 13th January by General Public

  • Maghi Mela

    Maghi Mela

    Maghi Mela is organized to commemorate a battle fought in 1705-06 by Guru Gobind Singh against the Mughals. This fair lasts for two to three days and falls on the Makar Sankranti day.On the first day, the devotees bathe in the Muktsar Tank - the pool of salvation, and the next day, they go in procession to the three holy mounds, namely, Rikab Sahib, Tibbi Sahib and Mukhwanjana Sahib. Rikab Sahib is the spot where the Guru's stirrup broke.
    Venue: Muktsar - 13 - 14 January
    Organiser: General Public


  • Kila Raipur Sports Festival

    Kila Raipur Sports Festival

    In February each year, Ludhiana becomes the destination for hundreds of sports enthusiasts, including foreigners. Many of these visitors have never seen bullock carts or camels running races that carry coveted cash prizes. People come to Kila Raipur to see the special breeds of bullocks, camels, dogs, mules and other animals competing in highly professional events including other events like tent pegging, archery, fencing, riding , gymnastic and acrobatic displays by the Nihangs. Contact person: Gursharandeep Singh-09815403506
    Venue: Ludhiana - 04 - 11 February
    Organiser: Ludhiana


  • Hola Mohalla

    Hola Mohalla

    Hola is derived from the word halla (a military charge) and the term mohalla stands for an organized procession or an army column. The festival consists of camping out and enjoying various displays of fighting prowess and valour, followed by kirtan, music, and poetry. For meals, visitors sit on the ground in neat rows called Pangats and eat vegetarian food from the Langars served by volunteers. Hola Mohalla: Nihangs carry traditional weapons and modern fire-arms as well, and are skilled at tent-pegging, sword wielding, jousting and other martial sports.
    Venue: Anandpur Sahib - 28 March
    Organiser: SGPC


  • Fazilka Heritage Festival

    Fazilka Heritage Festival

    Fazilka Heritage Festival is an annual Art, Cultural and Food Festival of City Fazilka planned by Graduates Welfare Association Fazilka with the thought to involve people from all communities living in and around Fazilka to participate in it
    Venue: All over Punjab
    Organiser: 13th January by General Public.

  • Baisakhi


    Baisakhi is one of the most significant holidays in the Sikh calendar, commemorating the establishment of the Khalsa in 1699. To mark the celebrations, devotees, irrespective of their religion, throng the Gurdwara, the Sikh place of worship. Processions through towns are also common. Sikh devotees generally attend the Gurdwara before dawn with flowers and offerings. Processions through cities are also common.
    Venue: All over Punjab - 13 April
    Organiser: SGPC


  • Rauza Sharif ‘Urs’

    Rauza Sharif 'Urs'

    Rauza Sharif 'Urs' is celebrated in the memory of the great Sufi Saint Sheikh Ahmad Farooqui Sirhindi. Sheikh Ahmed was the most eminent of Khwaja Baqi Billah’s disciples. He was the fourth of the seven sons of Sheikh Abdul Ahmad Farooqi Naqshbandi and was born in Sirhind. Urs provides an opportunity not only to Muslims but also to Hindus and Sikhs to pay obeisance to the saint and enjoy the fair and purchase handicraft goods.
    Venue: Fatehgarh Sahib - 31 May
    Organiser: Sirhind


  • Baba Sheikh Farid Aagman

    Baba Sheikh Farid Aagman

    Baba Farid, a 12th century Sufi saint, is described by many as the first major Punjabi poet. A large number of devotees from far-off places converged here to attend the annual the Baba Farid fair marking the saint’s arrival day with faith and fervour. The recitation of Sukhmani Sahib followed by a prayer at Gurdwara Tilla Baba Farid and a series of celebrations mark the five-day long fair. Devotees from all religious groups have great faith and devotion in this holy place. During the fair, the Baba Farid society organises various sporting and cultural activities to attract youth. Major attractions at the fair are daring stunts performed by the daredenl ‘Baazigars”. The Nagar Kirtan, which is a Sikh custom of processional singing of holy hymns also takes during this fair.
    Venue: Faridkot - 06 September
    Organiser: Baba Farid Society


  • Gandhi Jayanti

    Gandhi Jayanti

    Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday celebrated in India to mark the occasion of the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the "Father of the Nation" (though not officially). The United Nations General Assembly announced on 15 June 2007 that it adopted a resolution which declared that October 2 will be celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence.

    Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated yearly on 2nd of October. It is one of the three official declared National Holidays of India, and is observed in all of its states and union territories. The other two are Independence Day (15 August) and Republic Day (26 January).

    Gandhi Jayanti is marked by prayer services and tributes all over India, especially at Raj Ghat, Gandhi's memorial in New Delhi where he was cremated. Popular celebration includes prayer meetings, commemorative ceremonies in different cities by colleges, local government institutions and socio-political institutions. Painting and essay competitions are conducted and best awards are granted for projects in schools and the community on themes of glorifying peace, non-violence and Gandhi's effort in Indian Freedom Struggle. Gandhi's favourite devotional song, Raghupathi Raghava Rajaram, is usually sung in memory of him.

    Organiser: 2nd October by General Public

  • Kapurthala Heritage Festival

    Kapurthala Heritage Festival

    The Baba Jassa Singh Ahluwalia Heritage Festival is held under the aegis of the Kapurthala Heritage Trust, in collaboration with INTACH and supported by the Government of Punjab. Held against the backdrop of the spectacular Jagatjit Palace, it starts each year with Shabad Kirtan in memory of Baba Jassa Singh who is himself remembered for his rendition of "Shabad Kirtan”. This festival unfolds a wonderful tapestry of classical music, dance and theatre.
    Venue: All over Punjab
    Organiser: 13th January by General Public

  • Amritsar Sufi Festival

    Amritsar Sufi Festival

    To celebrate the spiritual and cultural heritage of Amritsar, PHTPB in collaboration with an event management company organizes "The Amritsar Sufi Festival". The festival has performance from eminent International and National Sufi performers.
    Venue: Amritsar - 22 - 23 October
    Organiser: PHTPB and an Event Management Company


  • Patiala Craft Mela

    Patiala Craft Mela

    The Crafts Mela is held at the Sheesh Mahal Art Gallery premises in which 150 crafts persons from different parts of India display their wares for fifteen days. Performers, entreprenuers and craft persons from different states offer cultural performances and display crafts from their respective states.

  • Bhatinda Virasat Mela

    Bhatinda Virasat Mela

    The Malwa Heritage Foundation attempts to revisit heritage by organising, the Virasat Mela, a heritage festival. Upholding a decades-old tradition, the Heritage Festival endeavours to revive the ancient folk arts, customs and traditions at a specially built "Jaipalgarh Village" inside the Sports Stadium at Bhatinda.
    Venue: Bathinda - 21 - 23 November
    Organiser: Malwa Heritage Foundation


  • Jor Mela

    Jor Mela

    The annual three day Jor Mela is observed to mark the martyrdom of the two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji – Sahibzada Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh. Held in the open grounds of Fatehgarh Sahib Gurdwara, the festival's main highlight is the light and sound show depicting the sacrifice of Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh in 1794, at such a tender age, upon refusal to accept Islam. Processions are taken out and display of Sikh games are held at this three day festival. Jor Mela is accompanied by martial arts performances and langar at the Gurdwara.
    Venue: Fatehgarh Sahib - 25 - 28 December
    Organiser: SGPC

  • Harballabh Sangeet Festival

    Harballabh Sangeet Festival

    Organized every year from December 27-30, this music festival honours the memory of Swami Harballabh, a famous saint musician.Held at the saint’s shrine on the banks of Devi Talab, near Jalandhar, the event attracts classical singers and musicians of repute from all over the country.Swami Harbhallabh belonged to a rich family from Hoshiarpur and renounced the material way of life to become a disciple of Swami Tulja Gir who initiated him into the art of music.
    Venue: Jalandhar - 27 - 30 December

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