Emergency Services

Emergency Services

NRI Wing

Smt. Gurpreet Deo, IPS
Inspector General of Police
NRI & Women Wing
Phase-VII, S.A.S. Nagar.
At S.A.S. Nagar 0172-2260040, 0172-2260042, 0172-2260043
At PPA, Phillaur 01826-222061, 01826-222062

Sh. L.K. Yadav, IPS
Deputy Inspector General of Police
NRI & Women Wing
Phase-VII, S.A.S. Nagar.
Contact No. : 0172-2260041

Sh. Charanjit Kumar, PPS
Assistant Inspector General of Police
Admn., NRI & Women Wing
Mob. Phone 9779464002
Contact No: 0172-2260042,0172-2260043

Sh. Harpreet Singh, PPS
Assistant Inspector General of Police
Crime, NRI & Women Wing
Contact No: 0172-2260042, 0172-2260043
Mobile No : 9814744300
Email: nri.pbpolice@gmail.com

Sh. Varinderjit Singh, PPS
DSP/ NRI & Women Wing
Contact Nos 0172-2260042, 0172-2260043
Mobile No: 09779464101

Sh. Kanwalpal Singh, PPS
DSP/NRI Ludhiana
(NRI PS Ldh, Ldh(R)
SBS Nagar & Moga)
Contact No: 09878900237

Sh. Jastinder Singh, PPS
DSP/ NRI/Jalandhar
(NRI PS Jal, Hpr, Kpt & Asr)
Contact No: 09878722332, 01812232002

Smt. Deepinder Kaur, PPS
DSP/NRI & Women Wing
Contact No: 0172-2260042, 0172-2260043
Mobile No: 09876516861

Sh. Harinder Singh, PPS
DSP/ NRI & Women Wing
Contact No: 0172-2260042, 0172-2260043

NRI Help Line
Phone No:0172-2260042 Ext. 200 (Helpdesk)
0172-2260043 Ext. 100 (Reception) 0181-2232002 Ext. 34
Mob. No. 097794-64002, 09815955823
Fax: 0172-2260042
Email: nri.pbpolice@gmail.com

NRI may call Punjab Police Helpline for assistance at 0091-172-2298543 for 24x7 assistance. The calls made at 0091-172-2298543 will be transmitted to NRI & Women Wing for further action and time bound response will be given to them.

Dial 108

Dial 108

Operationalization of Emergency Response Services {ERS} in The State of Punjab.

The Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Punjab has started providing ERS services from 31.3.2011 in the State of Punjabfree of cost to all the citizens in the State. Brief highlights of the scheme are as under:

  • It is envisaged that around 240 Ambulances (i.e. one ambulance after 1.20 lacs population) will be positioned in the State in a phased manner.
    • Phase-I, 90 ambulances (already launched).
    • Phase-II, 65 ambulances (already launched).
    • Phase-III, 85 ambulances (already launched).
  • Services of Ambulances are provided 24 hours through Emergency Response Centre in three shifts.
  • Services of the ambulances can be availed from anywhere in the State of Punjab by dialing 108 from Landline or Mobile phone.
  • These Ambulances shift the trauma cases and other emergency in the designated earmarked health institutions.
  • Ambulances provide services in case of road side trauma, suicide, cardiac emergency, neonatal paediatric emergency, diabetic emergency, respiratory emergency, maternal emergency, epilepsy emergency, animal bite, burns, fever / infection etc.
  • The Emergency Ambulances will reach the place in 20 minutes in Urban areas and in 30 minutes in Rural areas.
  • The Control Station has already been set in Amritsar in vacant building of Training Institute.

Special Features of The Ambulance and Services

  • Ambulances are being monitored through GPRS for deployment to the site.
  • Ambulance are getting instruction from highly trained doctor sitting in the control room.
  • Ambulance is manned by specially trained Medical Technician and Driver.
  • Ambulance have all emergency medicines, which are being given to the patients in the ambulance itself.
  • Ambulance is equipped with emergency medical equipment like; Collapsible Auto Loading Stretcher, Scoops Stretcher, Spine Board, Oxygen Manifold System, Airway related equipment, Automatic BP apparatus,
  • Ambulance is equipped with rescue tools for extraction of patient from accident vehicles with electrification Kit
  • Ambulance and control room simultaneously interact with the nearest hospital where the patient to be taken.

The State Government through tendering process has entered into an agreement in November, 2010 with M/s Ziqitza Healthcare Limited Mumbai to operate ambulances for five years. The company is already providing ERS in Mumbai, Bihar, Rajasthan and Kerala.

The ambulances will be launched as per following schedule.
Schedule District Where to be Deployed(Number)
90 ambulances already launched between 31.3.2011 to 15.4.2011.
• Border districts
• Districts having less doctors
• Kandi districts
Amritsar (15), Gurdaspur (11), Tarn Taran (7), Ferozepur (11), Muktsar (5), Faridkot (5), Bathinda (8), Mansa (6), Sangrur (10), Barnala (4), Nawanshahr (3), Kapurthala (5).
65 ambulances already launched.
• Deployment in balance districts to cover 117 constituencies.
• Deployment of ambulances to cover most accident prone areas left in Phase-I.
Launching on 2nd July, 2011
Ludhiana (16)

34 Ambulances launched on 21.7.2011.
Jalandhar(11),Ropar(5),SAS Nagar Mohali(6),Fategarh Sahib(4),Patiala(8).

15 Ambulances launched on 29.8.2011.
Hoshiarpur(10), Moga(5)
85 ambulances to cover all districts to provide one ambulance against one lac population.

68 already launched and

Balance 17 launched on 16.11.2011.
7 launched on 29.8.11
Gurdaspur (7).

28 launched on 16.9.11.
Gurdaspur (2), Kapurthala (2), Muktsar (3), Nawanshahr (2), Patiala (8), Ropar (1), Sangrur (4), SAS Mohali (3), Tarn Taran (3).

33 launched on 20.10.11.
Amritsar (7),Barnala (1), Ferozepur (6), Ludhiana (14), Mansa (1), Moga (4).

17 launched on 16.11.11.
Bathinda (4), Fatehgarh Sahib (1), Hoshiarpur (4), Jalandhar (8).

Cost of The Project

Particulars Amount in Crores
Cost of 240 ambulances @ R 12.45 lacs each. 29.88
One time capital expenditure in Information Technology, Base Control Room and Preoperational Expenses 5.21
Operational cost of 240 ambulances for one year @ 1.18 lacs per ambulance per month. 33.98
Total 69.07

Up-to-Date Performance of ERS Ambulances

Performance parameter Achievement as on 31.7.2012
No. of ambulance in operation 240
Total number of calls attended 321459
Total number of calls availed 253250
Total number of trips 278936
Average number of emergencies handled in a day (July-12) 1139
Call rate per ambulance per day (July-12) 4.22
Trip rate per ambulance per day (30 km/call) 6.14
Average response time
• Rural (0-30 minutes)
• Urban (0-20 minutes)

14.16 min.
14.32 min.
%age of emergencies taken to public hospitals 64.28
%age of emergencies taken to private hospitals 18.32
%age of emergencies in case first aid is given 02.71
Emergency wise details in number (%age)
• Pregnancy cases
• Road accident
• Medical emergencies
• Other cases

96551 (38%)
36604 (15%)
44151 (17%)
75944 (30%)
Total %age 160610 (100%)
No. of deliveries taken place in ambulances 389

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