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Guru Ravidas Ayurved University

Guru Ravidas Ayurved UniversityThe Ayurvedic system of medicine was invented by Acharaya Dhanwantri ji and both in Medicine and Surgery, the Ayurvedic System is well established and includes 'Chark Rishi ji' for Medical problems and the great 'Shushrat', the shining star in the field of Ayurvedic Surgery.

Similarly in the method of Yoga, the great Patanjali is known the world over. 'Sidh' system of medicine has also developed to its glorious heights in this land of Himalayas.

The philosophy of Ayurved is totally different from that of Modern Medicine, wherein the philosophical basis of disease is the cell of the organ, while in Ayurved the philosophy is that the disease in the Human body is because of imbalance of inherent forces and the same manifest through some organ.

Similarly the system of Homeopathic Medicine also takes into consideration the body as a whole, rather than different organs individually and its philosophical basis is also drometrially opposite to that of modern medicine. Hence, it is required that independent research and development is carried out extensively in the theoretical as well as technical aspects of Ayurved, Sidh, Unani and Homeopathic Systems of Medicine.

With this aim, the State of Punjab feels that this task of carrying out independent research and development of new Technologies for effective implementation of the ancient systems of Medicine and also for the theoretical and technological research in the field of Homeopathy, as separate and Independent University is required to be established in the State.

Hence, this bill fall under the category of money bill under Section 199 of the Constitution of India and as such is being sent for the prior approval of His Excellency, the Governor of Punjab.

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