Land Records / Revenue

Documents to be presented for entry/execution of mutation

Of the documents to be presented for mutation, the detail of the same is given before every mutation :

Sale mutation
  1. Original deed
  2. Special or general attorney of Seller if the seller can not personally Be Present.
Sale- by way of mortgage -do-
Gift -do-
Mortgage with possession -do-
Mortgage on mortgage -do-
Sale right to mortgagee -do-
Removal of mortgage Receipt given by the mortgagor Regarding refund of money.
Entry/implementation of Removal of mortgage There is not attached any document with this mutation, The mutation Is entered only for correction of Record as the same person who Is mortgagee becomes purchaser Later on.
Lease deed
  1. 1. Original deed
  2. Special or general attorney Of lessor where the lessor Can not personally Presented.
Transfer (without registration ) Written agreement of transfer From the concerned parties
Transfer (registered) Original deed
Taksim/exchange(Unregistered) Written agreement of exchange From concerned parties.
Exchange(court) orders
Transfer of ownership Order of court
  1. Death certificate of deceased or Any other proof
  2. WILL, if previously executed
Ancestral/mortgagee -do-
Izadi Nama Application from applicant
Entry of name Application from legal heirs
Health entry Application from applicant
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