Achievements of Punjab

Local Bodies Department

Achievements (2007-12)

  • Grant distributed to all local Bodies for development - Rs 8609 Crores
  • Safe Drinking water and sewerage facility for cities - Rs 4014 Crores
  • Punjab Municipal Infrastructure development fund established for development of cities
  • 162 E- Governance services for people living in cities
  • 13 services under Right to Service Act being provide to People
  • Master plan of 32 cities prepared
  • State divided into 8 clusters for Municipal Solid waste Plant
  • City Bus service started in Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar and Bathinda
  • Authorities established for development of big cities.

Future Plans (2012-17)

  • Safe drinking water, sewerage and street light facility for all cities - Rs 6393 Crores
  • Metro Rail Project, Ludhiana - Rs 9840 Crores
  • Construction of Houses for Poor - Rs 564.66 Crores
  • To save Rs 20 Crore by installing 3.5 Lakh energy saving street Lights in all cities
  • Sewerage & Solid waste treatment plants for all cities and towns
  • Construction of Flyovers, Bypasses and elevated roads in all cities
  • Local AC Bus service for all cities
  • Electricity, Water and sewerage facility for newly regularized un-authorized colonies
  • To prepare master plan for more 42 cities
  • To prepare comprehensive Mobility Plan for 6 big cities
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