Achievements of Punjab

Irrigation department

Achievements (2007-12)

Total investment on all the irrigation Projects 2497 crore
Rehabilitation of Canals and distributaries 1062 crore
Lining of Canals 713.41 crore
Flood Control 652 crore
Kandi Canal Phase II 329 crore
Rehabilitation of Patiala Feeder & Kotla Branch 116 crore
Installation of 330 Deep Tube wells in Kandi area 140 crore
Canalization of Sakki Nala 38 crore

Future Plans (2007-12)

Investment on canals and distributaries 2285 crore
Investment over shahur kandi project 2285 crore
Relining of Rajasthan & Sirhind Feeder 1565 crore
Rehabilitation of Abhor, Bathinda, Sidhwan & Bist Doab canal 763 crore
Investment to check water logging 961 crore
Investment on Kandi Canal II Project 211 crore
Investment on Patiala Feeder & Kotla Branch 83 crore
Installation of 263 Deep Tube Wells in Kandi Area1 100 crore
Lining of Canals in UBDC circle 358.57 crore
Complete Canalization of Sakki Nala 80 crore
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