Achievements of Punjab

Agriculture Department

Major Achievements

Punjab's agriculture growth strategy has led it to a stage where 83% of its total geographical area (50.33 lac ha) is under cultivation and 98% of it is under irrigation resulting in high cropping intensity of 189%. Due to the assured supply of seeds, fertilizers and power inputs worth Rs. 5511 crore. The Government of India has conferred the state with first"Krishi Karman Award" for record production of food grains during 2010-11.

  • During 2012-13, the state produced 180 lac MT of wheat (21% of the country) out of which 129 lac MT was procured. The state also produced 157 lac MT of paddy (11% of the country) of which 128 lac MT was procured Due to record production of wheat Govt. of India has conferred Punjab State with "Commendation Award".
  • Borlouge Institute for South Asia (BISA) is being established to develop new varieties of wheat and Maize crop through research at Laddowal, Ludhiana. Amount of Rs. 500 crores has already reserved for this Institute.
  • Compensation for loss due to natural calamities enhanced from Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 per acre.
  • State provided costly latest machinery on custom hiring basis with a purpose to cut the cost of cultivation.1509 such Agriculture Machinery Service Centers are established by providing machinery on 33% subsidy.
  • Horticulture Department has established 750 Net houses for Modern Vegetable cultivation.New Pack Houseshas been established to uplift fruits and vegetable marketing.
  • Free power supply to tube-wells reintroduced and productivity Bonus of Rs.117 crore released in lieu of energy bills paid earlier.
  • Perishable Cargo Center at Amritsar International Airport over an area of 2.5 acre being established with the cost of Rs.24.00 crore.
  • With keen efforts of Punjab Govt., GoI has declared Pathankot as Litchi zone, financial approval for Rs. 8 cores has been given, under this an amount of Rs. 50.00 lacs has been released as the Ist Installment in the account of Deptt. of Horticulture Punjab.
  • Integrated Farmer Training Centre is established at village Abul Khurana, distt. Mukatsar training regarding latest technology of agriculture & allied sector is provided to farmers in this centre.
  • Underground pipeline system is installed on 50,000 hact. Under this scheme and success is achieved in terms of saving underground water and increase in production of crops grown.
  • To avoid post harvest loses to vegetables and fruits grown in cheaper net houses provided under the scheme, plastic crates are also distributed to farmers on subsidy.
  • To ensure the production of disease free citrus nursery, 5 citrus estates have already been established.
  • To improve breed of buffalos and cows 200 I.B.D. centers established.
  • To ensure the good health of cattle modern cattle sheds & mobile hospitals are being established.

Achievements and Plans of SAD-BJP Government

  • SAD-BJP government has always given top priority to the development of agriculture and allied sectors in the state.
  • Rs.440 crore have been spent on agriculture sector during 2012-13.
  • With the concerted affords of the Punjab government the state has produced 180 lac MT of wheat during 2012-13, i.e. 21% of the total wheat production of the country.
  • Out of this total production 129 lac MT were procured by various agencies for the Government of India (GoI).
  • GoI awarded "Commendation Award" to Punjab for its record food grain production during 2012-13.
  • The state government had ensured an efficient and timely Procurement of agricultural commodities and timely payments to the farmers.
  • The state government has established 1509 Agriculture Machinery Service Centers to provide the facility to avail the modern machinery on custom hiring for the small and marginal farmers of the state.
  • Borlouge Institute for South Asia (BISA) established Ladhowal, Ludhiana to develop new varieties of wheat and Maize at a cost of Rs. 500 crore.
  • The state government has enhanced the compensation from Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 per acre to the farmers for their crop loss due to natural calamities.
  • To boost Modern Vegetable cultivation the state government has established 750 Net houses across the state.
  • Integrated Farmer Training Centre (IFTC) established at village Abul Khurana, distt. Mukatsar.
  • To save water Underground pipeline system has been installed to irrigate 50,000 hact. of land.
  • Five citrus estates at Abohar,Tahliwala-Jattan, Bhunga ,Badal, Hoshiarpur has been established to promote the Horticulte activities at a cost of Rs. 5 crore.
  • State Agreed Price for sugarcane raised from Rs. 235 to 250 per qtl as compared to Farmers Remunerative Price (FRP) Rs. 170/- per qtl of GoI.
  • Free power was supplied to the farmers and the cost incurred during the year 2012-13 was Rs. 5511crore.

Future strategy

  • The state government has launched an agriculture diversification mission to save the ground water by reducing paddy cultivation area in Punjab.
  • Out of 28-lakh hectare area under paddy, 12-lakh hectare will be shifted to other alternative crops like maize, sugarcane, cotton, pulses, fruits and vegetables in next five years.
  • The outlay plan for 2013-14 is Rs. 1063 crore that includes state share of Rs. 790 crore and Central support of Rs. 273 crore for agricultural sector.
  • To boost the cultivation of alternative crops the State decided to provide 50% subsidy on seeds, insecticides, pesticides, machinery and other input materials besides strengthening the entire infrastructure.
  • On the initiative of the State Govt, the GoI has earmarked an allocation of Rs. 200 crore to the state for diversification for the year 2013-14.
  • On the pattern of citrus estates, the state government would establish one Litchi estate at Pathankot and one Pear state at Amritsar at a cost of Rs. 3.80 crore each.
  • Rs. 17.5 crore proposed for Modern cattle sheds.
  • Rs.24.00 crore Perishable Cargo Center at Amritsar International Airport being established.
  • The Punjab Government will provide 70% subsidy on the infrastructure to the farmers for adopting drip irrigation, water tanks, solar water pumps and solar connections. Process to provide 500 such solar pump connections to the Fruit growers is under process.
  • Punjab Marketing Board will establish 20 big dryers across the state at a cost of rs.160 crore
  • The state government has approved Rs.198 crore for setting up of a Center of Excellence under Crop Diversification Program to carry out the research work at Punjab Agricultural University to be established in a phased manner in the next five years.
  • The state government has enhanced the budget for PAU Rs. 300 crore for the year 2013-14 than Rs.190 crore of 2012-13 to carry out research related works effectively.
  • The state government will spent Rs. 200 crore for strengthening agricultre and allied sectors, Rs. 100 crore under National Horticulture Mission, Rs. 85 crore for the programmes like Macro Management, Intensive Scheme for Oilseeds, Pulses & Maize, State Extension Programme and Intensive Cotton Development Programme, whereas Rs. 10 crore each for strengthening of Citrus Estates and agriculture insurance and Rs. 5 crore for other horticulture activities during this year.
  • Rs. 200.00 crore has been allocated under RKVY for triggering growth of Agriculture and allied sector.

Agriculture Loan to the farmers

  • Core Banking Solution (CBS) shall be provided in all the 804 branches of Cooperative Banks by 30.09.2013. 362 out of 804 branches have already been brought under CBS so far. 100 ATMs shall be installed shortly thereafter.
  • All 20 District Central Cooperative Banks (DCCBs) have been granted licences by Reserve Bank of India.
  • All DCCBs in the State have posted profit on 31.03.2013.
  • Short Term Agriculture Loans of Rs.10720 crores have been provided during the year 2012-13 out of which 8362 crores have been provided to small and marginal farmers.
  • Revolving Cash Credit Limit to farmers has been enhanced from Rs.8.00 lacs to Rs.15.00 lacs. Rs. 3037.78 crores have been sanctioned to the farmers under this scheme.
  • Dairy loans are being provided at a very reasonable rate of 10.25% interest. For setting up commercial dairy, the duration of loan has been increased from 5 years to 9 years with 2 years moratorium period during which only recovery of interest will be required.
  • The business of the Cooperative Banks in the State has shown a growth of 10.50%.
  • The 89 Primary Agriculture Development Banks (PADBs) in the State have provided Rs. 465.53 Crores as long term loan to the members during the year 2012-13

Supply of fertilizers

  • To bring transparency in the distribution of fertilizer to the members through Primary Agriculture Societies an SMS based system has been introduced in the year 2012 and till date over 5 lac SMSes have been sent to the members and the societies.
  • According to this system the information regarding the despatch of fertilizers from the rake point by the suppliers (Markfed/ IFFCO) is automatically provided to 10 to 20 members of every society.
  • This information is provided through SMS giving details of the destination of the truck as well as that of the fertilizer being carried by it as soon as it leaves the rake point which enables the members of the societies to lift the fertilizer from the society expeditiously.
  • Every year Markfed provides fertilizers to the members at reasonable rates. During the year 2011-12, 3.16 lac MTs DAP and 7.85 lac MTs Urea and during 2012-13, 3.36 lacs MTs DAP and 8.90 lac MTs Urea was supplied to the members through Primary Agriculture Service Societies.

Bhai Ghaniya Scheme (Cashless Health insurance Scheme)

  • This Scheme was launched in the year 2006 and thereafter it has been implemented very effectively every year by covering more and more members of the Cooperative Societies.
  • Under this scheme beneficiaries can avail cashless treatment in approved hospitals requiring hospitalization exceeding 24 hours up to 1.50 lac.
  • 198 Private Hospitals have been identified for providing cashless treatment to the beneficiaries
  • 1.20 lac families with 2.84 lac members were covered in year 2011-12 whereas during the year 2012-13, 1.30 lac families having 3.06 lac beneficiaries have been enrolled.
  • During 2011-12, 85000 beneficiaries availed cashless treatment worth Rs.119 Crores whereas under the scheme during the current year 11664 beneficiaries have availed treatment free of cost worth Rs.8.33 Crores so far.

Agro Service Centers

  • 1229 Agro Service Centers have been established in the Primary Agriculture Service Societies for providing very costly agricultural implements likeLaser Land Levelers, Tractors, Rotavators, Happy Seeders etc on hire basis on a very nominal rates to the members.
  • By use of Laser Land Levelers water and electricity consumption in farming has gone down substantially.
  • 33% subsidy is given to the society by the Punjab Farmers Commission for purchase of agricultural implements worth Rs.10.00 lacs.

One time settlement Scheme

  • Under this scheme a relief of Rs. 150.00 crores has been provided to the eligible members of the Societies.
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